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Shiitake Mushrooms:

Fresh $4.00 a quarter pound, $8.00 per half a pound

Dried: $5.00 an ounce, $25.00 for 6 oz

Mushroom Log: $10.00

Or come see us at the Union County Farmers Market in Blairsville Georgia Starting June 6th: Saturdays 7am - 1pm We should be there most events but call us to confirm if you like.

Our Lamb is now available by the cut. Pricing and current cuts choices can be found here.

Lamb Price Sheet.

Our lamb is 100% AGW Certified Grass Fed Lamb, USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved. We harvest our animals within the first year. We never administer hormones, steroids or medicated feeds or antibitotics. Any animal in need of non routine medical care is culled from the program.

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Loin Chops

Rack of Lamb

Sirloin Chops

Whole Leg Roast (Bone-In)


(killed, cut/wrapped, Vacuum Packed, boxed)
Based on killed weight;
25 lb carcass: 
30 lb carcass:
35 lb carcass:
40 lb carcass:
45 lb carcass: 
50 lb carcass:
55 lb carcass:


under 50 lbs

50 lbs

60 lbs
70 lbs
80 lbs
90 lbs
100 lbs
110 lbs +
Live lamb prices are only for the lamb itself, the customer is responsible for pickup and arrangements for slaughter at an appropriate location.




$ 14.00/lb

 $6.00 ea




There is no regulations in the United States as to what can be called lamb. If you want to be assured you are buying lamb and not mutton Know Your Farmer. It may not guarantee you are getting young tender lamb, but it may be the only way to know you are not buying older animal protein